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Saje save tips luls

Rahsia Burger Sedap.

*Dari penulis asal Adie Redzuan.

1. Wajib guna daging 70g.. xyah la dok save sgt nk pi haji blk hari.. tak untung mana pn.. meniaga kena jujur.. harga nk letak mahai, daging hok nipih.. apa dia..

2. Masak daging, jgn tekan.. bila tekan, jus daging akan kluar.. pasai tu daging jadi kering.. alih2 kan saja.. boh planta sikit.. sikit ja.. jgn sampai banjir.. dlm daging tu sendiri dh ada minyak..

3. Daging tu lubang2kan saja.. tak belah tengah pn xpa.. pastu letak la seasoning.. aku suka lea and peirin.. btui ka dak eja.. maggi pn ok.. letak la lada skit.. terangkat la..

4. Ayaq bawang putih.. ayaq ni utk menggantikan jus daging yg hilang.. so daging akan jadi juicy.. curah skit masa daging dh masak.. nk buat dia, potong bawang putih, boh dlm ayaq kosong ja.. boh dlm botoi, tudung botoi buat lubang2 skit..

5. Guna api sederhana.. api yg kuat juga akan keringkan daging..

6. Roti tu boh la planta bagi penuh.. xyah dok sep sgt.. roti letak ja atas kuali.. jgn tekan.. geng lama2 pakai kayu.. utk pressure roti saja.. bukan meleperkan roti.. lagi cantik gitu..

7. Sayur tu ikut hgpa la.. slalu org pakai kobis la kan.. tapi masa aku niaga, aku pakai lettuce iceburg.. lebih sedap.. tapi kot payah nk dpt hari2 la.. pastu mahai sikiiiiiitttt..

8. Sos jgn pakai yg murah.. kebanyakan peniaga burger di kl yg top2 tu pakai longson.. payah nk jumpa kot no.. klu kt perlis ni, peniaga kebab yg byk pakai longson.. pasai tu kebab depa sedap..

9. Mayo plak paling best pakai nelly.. mahaiiii.. tapi sapu sikit ja.. jgn creettt lagu ladys choice tu.. sikit pn dh berasa x sangga..

10. Utk cheese, aku pakai smoke bbq.. apa2 brand pn xpa.. rona dia oren.. mahai skit, tapi mmg berasa cheese dia.. penah dak hgpa beli cheese burger, tapi tak rasa pn cheese dia.. pasai cheese murah..

11. Blackpaper sos.. klu ble masak la sendiri.. jgn dok harap hok siap dh ja.. tak brapa syahdu hok tu.. mudah ja.. masak butter dgn tepung gandum.. sampai naik bau sedap.. boh la oyster, lada hitam kasaq, kicap cayaq, chicken stock, garam.. otter la gena pn sampai sedap di mulut.. celup daging dlm kuah blackpepper.. apa nk kata..

12. Last skali aturan bubuh sayur, sos, mayo.. yg ni kajian sendiri la.. sos dgn mayo klu ble asingkan.. mayo bawah, sos atas.. bila makan, baru terasa dua2 rasa yg beza.. klu cheese tu, letak atas daging yg panas.. bagi dia cayaq melekat kt daging..

Senang cerita, hgpa buat burger, hgpa try makan.. kita juai mcm mana kita suka makan.. baru org lain pn suka.. jgn kedekut bahan.. buat bagi sedap.. untung by volume.. baru ble kekal lama meniaga..



Hello there.

A lot has happened since the last time I rant about my life update.

A few weeks ago, I was updating my blog with recipe of Agar agar Lumut. So after updating, I took some time to read my previous blog post. I accidentally read my journal when I was a houseman.

Honestly, it bring so much memories. There are some part that makes me feel like, “oh, did I do that? I dont remember a bit about it”. Like how my off day was cancelled last minute. How a whatsapp massage ruined my holiday. Note to myself, dont reply whatsapp message.

Nevertheless, I miss writing on the blog. After reading the old post, I felt the urge to keep updating.

I think one of the reason I rarely update is because I seldom sit infront of a computer. Nowadays it is the age of smart phones. I dont prefer writing on the WordPress apps, like I am doing currently. So many spelling mistake. Luls.

Anyhow, I plan to write more. As I felt overwhelmed with work.

Till the next time.

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Living frugally

I went back from Egypt on 18 October. Due to 8 hours of transit, my parent and I arrived at KLIA on the afternoon of 19 October.

It felt so weird, and different, knowing that you don’t know when will be the next time you are going to walk along the path, from the airplane, to the arrival hall.

If, I decided to go to the oversea for any reason, I most probably will be using AirAsia, which means, going to the LCCT airport.

These are the path that I’ve been through in my six years of studying in Egypt.


Meanwhile, I am now officially an unemployed. Haha.

I do have some savings, but they were in the foreign currency. But I felt so reluctant to exchanged them.


Today I shopped things for my desktop.

And I felt so sad because I am broke.

I mean, there are so many things that I want to buy, eventhough I don’t know if I ever use them, or at least know their function.

I kept telling myself that I’m going to buy them when I got my salary.

However, a thought came into my mind.

I watched a Korean drama titled “Smile, You”, long time ago.

This drama showed a family, consist of a grandfather, who was the leader of the family, his sons and daughter in law, and his grandchildren.

That grandfather lives so poor, as he was a driver. But, he still able to raise his family, and even bought a house and a bit of land.

I was so touched by the drama, because it shows that we don’t really need to spend on the expensive stuff just because they looked better and maybe more convenient to us.

In the drama, they show how the family, albeit living so frugally, yet they don’t have any outstanding debt.

But me, I want to live frugally, but it seems so difficult.

Like,  I am looking for a tiny speaker for my desktop. I thought I would just pick any cheap speaker as long as it is a speaker.

But I can’t resist to pick the medium sized speaker. A pretty one.  -.-

It seems that, the more money you have, the more you wants.

I have spend the money that my mother left in my bank account, the “emergency money” which supposed to be only used whenever the needs for me to go back to Malaysia immediately. Thank God there weren’t any needs.

And, when my parent visit Egypted, there were some money left inside my account. It was spent too.

OMG I am such a big spender T_T



Watched this movie, and this scene makes me laugh so hard!! (click to enlarge)

Annie and Lillian is bestfriend since they were little. So this scene shows they were exercising in the park. They were exercising behind the tree while listening to the trainer (read: free advice).

Then, they got busted.

The trainer got angry.

This is the most hilarious part. They were pretending to dance. hahahaha

Then they run away when the trainer threaten to come to them.


For some reason, it remind me to my grandmother

When I was 7 years old, my family and I moved to Lenggong, from Kuala Kangsar.

The house is in two levels. We live on the groundfloor while my grandparent live upstairs.

The house next door is not next to each other like the neighbourhood that I lived in Kuala Kangsar. The night at the village is so silent at that time. Television only have three channels. And my parent conquered the TV.

My entertainment would be listening to my grandmother’s story.

She is so good in her story telling. I remember that when she was telling her story, I’ll keep silent, and as her words gets into me, my brain will try to imagine what it would be like.

There are many stories that she told me but I only remember a few of them.

One of the story was about her experience during the Japanese occupation.

But honestly I dont remember her story well, and maybe it mixed up with the story that I read myself. Well maybe she was telling the truth anyway

The story about how the Japanese loves coconut water and will ask the people they see to climb the tree. If they fail, they will beaten

Also the method of torture which is by forcing a person to drink the soap water. Then the Japanese stomp his stomach.

And the story of putting charcoal on the women’s face as to make them less pretty so the Japanese will not disturb them.

However, speaking about Merdeka day, I think the issue nowadays is not about the physical invasion by the outside power. But rather the silent invasion. Through cultural and belief

And I think the spirit of patriotism is fading from the Malaysian citizen because we are seeing the poor administration. I am not saying the government is 100% wrong but it could be better.

So, it can’t be helped that some people not proud of Malaysia.

Malaysia, has Islam as it official religion but we don’t see how Islamic we are. Maybe a lot of thing have the word “Islam” in it but we should practise Islam in our life. Live honest and humbly, keeping the good relation with people without ulterior motive, and putting finding hasanah/pahala as our top priority.

However, to end my post, I am grateful with Malaysia as it is, but I hope Malaysia and even to myself could have been better. After all without the peace maybe I won’t get the chance to further my study. Enough, is never Enough, when it is about improving yourself.

Happy Independence Day for the 55th years.