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Random throwback

During my medical student years, i followed a travel blog that belonged to a medical student studying in Ireland. Because I planned to travel. It was so interesting reading his blog post.

I finally went for Euro trip (read: amsterdam, brussels, paris, geneve) on 2008.

Years later after I graduated I no longer stalk his blog.

Funny thing though when I was tagging in the last posting at Emergency Department, my friend told me that one of the MO is the owner of the travel blog. My friend and I tried to escape tagging but we were being busted. My friend thought he was a sporting person. Well maybe a doctor’s busy job does change a person hahahaha

I was like really??? But back then he has gained so much weight luls.

Anyhow, recently that MO doing throwback of his trip at his FB. He mentioned about his trip in France at 2003. How not many France people know English language. That he tried to study the language in two weeks.

My exprience in 2008 was otherwise. I think most people that I asked for help/ direction can speak English. Well I did study the roads and maps. I downloaded offline Google map into my Iphone and navigate using the GPS. So I dont really made much human interaction lols. I studied my trip more than studying for my exams till I have failed one of my subjects haha!!

Anyhow I still remember we went to Bourg St Maurice for skiing. I tried to book our accomodation via online but failed to find one that doesnt use credit card. So I planned to walk-in.

So we went to the tourism office asking for place of accomodation however we were shocked to know that the accomodation at the mountain and the surrounding area was fully booked.

I asked for options then she suggested that after we went down, we need to take a train to a nearby town and checked in at the hotel. We agreed and she helped us by calling the hotel for booking. She also wrote the price, the hotel name and the phone number.

It was such a eventful journey because we arrived at the hotel at 8pm. The worked cant speak English yet we just showed the paper and paid the money. The hotel looks old yet are so glad that we have a place to stay. Suddenly i remembered about my friend’s story who said that he need to share toilets with the homeless during his trip because they want to save money on accomodation.

Anyhow I was so glad that the price was as dealt with the tourism office.

Such an experience….


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