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As usual, it has been quite sometimes since the last time I wrote here. I’ve been reading less English book, only reading selected medical text while studying about a disease and Facebook postings. So please bear with my grammar and  haphazard style of writing. Haha!

Anyways June is my birthday month. It used to be a happy month for me but nowadays I felt so gloom. Maybe because I used to expect gifts from my parent but since I’ve been working, earning money and married, of course you will not get one (other than my spouse 😀.

Maybe it is the age. I mean yes we should be grateful with each passing birthday (for completing a year) but then, it just meant we are nearing to death. After all, as days by days goes, I am not expecting anything because

“great things will happen if you have less expectation”- Phil-o-sophy, Modern Family

Pessimist much?

It felt quite so gloom living a life without target. I mean yes my target is to live easy and happy but then it just so general.

I felt so comfortable with my current life. I don’t think I am going to specialized in the nearest future but then my bosses have been asking what I am going to do. One was keep pestering me to go to a Family Medicine Conference. I’d love to go but then I have to fork out RM 350 for 3 days course or RM 100 for one day course so I was like errr… better use that money to go to Cameron Highlands haha! My boss said can ask from the department but I think it is so unlikely for me to get sponsored.

I also thought that money is better use for those who is already in the master program.

Speaking about money, my salary is just enough paying for bills and credit cards. Even I have outstanding credit card balance. Barely enough for saving. I need to prepare for my pension now.

On the other notes, I have been watching a Korean Drama “Hwarang” with my wife. But I don’t really watch all the of them, just bits by bits and my wife will tell me the story.

Anyhow watching these Korean Drama just making me missed my studying days. At that time, my biggest concern was to get graduated. I missed staying at home laying down doing nothing for a day, finishing the Korean Drama series by series luls.


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