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Was watching a Korean series titled “Operation Proposal”. In short, about a man who goes back to the past to confess to his crush who got married to other people in the present.

“Renovatio” was the chant to go back to the past

While watching the series, my wife gave out a question to me.

“If you can go back to relive the past, when will you go?”

Oh my. The question made felt dumbstruck for a while. Three reasons.

  1. Realized it was impossible so I never give it a thought.
  2. Is generally happy with current condition.
  3. Was wondering is this a test question? Is there a wrong and right answers? đŸ˜‚

After contemplating for a while, I guess I will go back when I was 16year old. A Form four student.

I think I’ll go towards a different career pathway.

Maybe, teaching. Or science computer related.

But then the force is strong towards getting into the teaching profession.

My current job is okay yet I am envious of those teacher who got school holiday.

And relatively less demanding job. Like nobody will sue you if your student failed his/her exams.


This thought sure make one think a lot.


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