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End of year

Next week, will be the last week of November 2016.

My mother in law will be travelling to Manchester, UK next week. And I will be on-call in the weekend.

Which means I need to rush back home immediately after sending off my MIL.

Initially I wasn’t supposed to on-call, but due to some irresponsible people, who informed me last minutes that he can’t do on-call, and even with all the alternatives that I have prepared, it only seems that the only way for this to work is for me to replace him while he don’t need to replace mine.

Like seriously why does one need to do his/ her medical check up in Sarawak? Only Sarawak got hospital, is it?

But never mind that. I don’t want to think nor speak about that any more. I’ll just treat that person as just my another bitter moment in life. Which is, to forget. And forgive, when he’s dead

Anyhow, I took leave on Friday because I misunderstood that my wife’s friend’s wedding will be in Selangor but actually it is in Perak. At first I think I could lie all day long on Friday prior the trip but coincidentally, I need to go to Ipoh on that day settling my MIL medical check up.

And now, as usual, on Sunday night, the Monday blues kick in.


I do know tomorrow I won’t be in clinic in the morning as I need to accompany an ambulance to Ipoh (which read as dilly dally till noon)but still, I am still worried regarding the patient that will be in the ambulances.

But still… the thoughts of working… and the thoughts of me, doing this job like… till i retire…

Oh my.

I did realized that even though my work are physically lesser compared to 1-2 years ago but the responsibility is huge. I got my weekends, my leave, nice co workers and all but still… I can’t help to overthink.

Oh yeah! I just remembered that I need to make a slide show for meeting this Wednesday…

Entah lah…

My wife’s school holiday is starting next week…

Damn! Why la I don’t apply as a teacher before?? T_T

Meanwhile, KKM posted in their Facebook regarding the ministry plan to put Medical Officer in research field.


I do afraid that I will get bored doing research but then I don’t think I can stand juggling with others’ life any more.

Random info: my batch mate pass away yesterday in Sg Buloh. I whatsapp-ed my other friend asking if she and her husband will be going to the funeral but she said she’s oncall today.

Being a doctor, you just have to work no matter if it was weekend or public holiday…


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