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Yesterday was my 3rd Graduation Day’s anniversary. As most of my colleague did, I repost the post as memory on the Facebook. However, deep inside me, I don’t really wanted to remember that day. If I count my blessing, of course, one would said I should be grateful that my parent managed to attend it. However deep down, I felt terrible because we were seated according to our pointer and obviously my result was not that good. Honestly I was also stressed out because I need to deal with the Egyptian.

Nevertheless, I still graduated.

I joined a whatsapp group which consist of my colleagues during my housemanship days. I was quite surprised to know some of my other acquaintance (whom of course, was not in the group) pass part 1 for an exam for specialist (there are 3 parts). The reason we (members of the group) was surprised because he was known to be one of those who always missing during working hours. And as one of my friend inside the group said, “big talk, no work”. I don’t personally know the guy but I did heard his name was mention whenever we were gossiping about those who always skip working. Hahaha

Suddenly deep inside me, I felt empty. Because I don’t have any plans to further my study, yet. There’s was nothing big to look forward too (other that getting a child, buying a property, travelling overseas etc)

I still remember 3 years ago. my only hope was to graduate. And then after that, to finished housemanship. But now, other than to settle my debt, I just go to work, waiting for it to end.

Praise be to Allah for making me satisfied.

Currently, I am still hoping to stop being a doctor by doing a business. I was thinking of being a tailor. I even joined a group for tailor. But then, when I read some of the post there regarding the hustle of being a tailor, that dream was slowly die out.

I did take a 6 days leave trying to finished my sewing project (read: my wife’s clothes). But damn, I felt so stressed whenever I sewn incorrectly, and whenever my machine malfunction. Urghh!!

And I did felt bored, sewing all day. I think maybe I did have attention deficit.

Here’s my machine and my project

photo 1

Sulaman. Tak jadi sangat sebab kain berkedut

Mesin jahit RM6K

Mesin jahit RM6K

My wife was away paying a visit to her cousins with my mother in-law as her aunt just passed away.

So, after dilly dally alone, finally I have a new vision.

To prepare myself to stop working before I am 40 years old. Or to established a business before 40 years old.

How was it? It is good enough?


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