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So it was almost my third month in O&G. The best part was.. I don’t even started to settle my assessment and log book. Oh my. I blame it for my busy-ness in the ward. Well actually it was not really that busy. It’s just that the timing was so inconvenience.

So, maybe next week, I have to really settled it all for once and for all. Cewah!

Anyhow, I am postcall today. But didn’t get my off as I already used my off on Raya Haji.

Yesterday was my first oncall in the 1C, gynae ward. Luckily, I was in charge of Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit aka EPAU. Basically, I was the frontier on any gynae (woman’s problem) referral. That is to say, I will clerk the patient first then discuss with my boss either to admit her to ward, or to discharge her.

The oncall MO yesterday was so nice. She said that I only need to get the history only, as she wanted to examine the patient herself (as to prevent the patient from being examined multiple time).

Thinking back, maybe she didn’t trust me. :-0

Yesterday, I did get emo at a certain staff nurse in 1st class ward. Haha

I don’t get it why some people just choose to be rude, or rather just love to intimidate others.

A patient was planned to trace the old medical notes, and then discharge after that. But the staff nurse informed me that they didn’t find the notes, but the patient insisted to go back. As there were no MO at that time to discuss, the patient herself (who happen to be a Sister Nurse) called the O&G specialist herself. She said that the specialist allow her to discharge then to get appointment one month later.

However when I wanted to do the discharge letter, I found no documentation of any sort. I asked the SN who was present there who was incharge of the patient. She said the SN was eating. Then she asked what was the problem.

I would rather talk to the person in charge. So I went to the pantry to see the SN. I just asked her some question then I wrote something in the notes.

However, suddenly the earlier SN that I spoke to, suddenly made a statement out of nowhere.

“Kenapa doktor kacau SN tu makan?? Doktor tanya sajalah kat saya. Saya kat sini kan?? Kenapa nak pegi sana jugak??”

“Ala makan je kan??”

“Diorang tengah makan, so mane boleh kacau”

“Err I though we are here to work, not to eat??”

“No no no. Here, we take turn when to work and when to eat”

“OK whatever” *malas nak layan*

So I prepared the letter and all. The I asked who will get the appointment. Stupid me for asking. Obviously la I jugak yang kene amik jugak.

After I wrote the date and all in the notes, then I left to my ward.

Suddenly I got the call from the 1st class ward asking how about the appointment, why I didn’t inform her bla bla. Then I said that I already wrote the date and all. And I saw the she was busy. Then she still insisted that she wasn’t busy and I should have informed her before leaving bla bla bla

Then I said, “well sorry, I am stupid”

My God… I don’t get it la these people. You claimed you are not busy but you didn’t noticed that I left.

The first thing they do was to write “Dr X noted” but whatever we wrote there, they didn’t bother to read.

Do you have difficulty in reading or what??

Maybe, some MO keep on being malignant because by being that way, people doing their work properly near them, and the work lesser as people don’t prefer to talk to them.

It is lonely, but it is easy.

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