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I didn’t expect this week to be so eventful. Well, my big day is coming, but then who would have thought I had to take an exam on the day that I had planned to take a leave??

I planned to start my leave on Friday, but then last week my posting captain informed me that I had to take Neonatal Resuscitation Examination on Thursday, AND Friday. Basically, it was the exams for how to manage a unwell newly born babies.

The exams done maybe like once a months, and if you haven’t passed the exams, you can’t do calls in the newborn ICU ward.

The best part was, I was just off tag after tagging for 7 days, (i.e: working from 7 am to 10 am, with 2 hours of break). So I didn’t have time to study. Today is my first day of me working until 5pm only.

I also did order a portable air-conditioner about 2 weeks ago from The Courts, but that thing haven’t arrived. This morning they called me, saying the wanted to deliver that thing during the lunch. But then they called again informing that they had brought a different model. Damn.

Initially I was feeling happy but then feeling meh. Then I felt angry.

Because I paid for the delivery charges. And then the absurd thing was they asked was there any people at home at 12:30pm. Come on. We all working our ass out so I think very seldom there’s a people in the house. And when I said I will be only at home after 5 pm, they said they can’t send because the model that they brought was a wrong one.


1st, they are late. I paid two weeks ago. 2nd, they brought the wrong model. 3rd, they wanted to deliver in their own sweet time.

Come on!! If an HO made a mistake like that, the specialist will scream at us. That’s why so far I felt so tired with Paeds because they said we must always double check everything. Ok takde kaitan.

I paid the charges. I should decide when YOU should send the things, or YOU at least send it when it was within MY convenience. After 5 pm is good, IMO. Everybody is working.

But now it was I who need to fulfil YOUR convenience. And now I thing I was being cheated for paying the services charges. Maybe I should just tell them that I will take the thing in The Courts when it arrived. Easy.

Seriously la. Nowadays services in many places are so bad. I mean, you are selling your service, but your service are suck.

If you are working in government offices, well you should expect things to be bad. Because we, *cough* are paid every months without fail (unless the government collapsed lah) but then you, are working in a private sector. Your pays depend on how many customer you had.

And by the way we the government servant are not giving you bad service just because we can, but because lack of facilities and overcapacity. Well I agree some other government servants do having the tea break too long but then we also had too many customer i.e patients.

Someday I when private sector giving me bad services, I want to make a scene, saying things like,

Where’s your manager?? I want to see your manager. I want to make a complaint. Now!

Anyhow, anyhow,

I just wondering why things doesn’t really goes the way that I want. 

Being me, I always feel that everything happened for a reason.

I just hope that everything that happened will be the best for me.

Or maybe I was just being lazy and couldn’t care less. Hahaha


2 Responses

  1. being me somehow, so not me too to make a drama. usually just let things go because got more important things to care about. but at certain point of life, in grown up phase *cough*, i mean we saw a lot of ppl, we’ve been through a lot of things. we dont even hv time for ourselves busy taking care of others, so why not just stand for our right. at the moment i think, i alwys making drama for something im not satisfied. its our right, so stand for it. so, yes. i want to see your manager. 😛

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