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End of posting

Alhamdulillah. In a few days more, I’ll be ending my posting. I already got my specialist signature, currently I am looking forward to collect the medical MO’s signature.

Honestly, I think I love being in Medical posting. To get history, to examine patient, and to think what are the diseases that cause all that symptoms.

I love brainstorming. But I hate to read. Haha

However, I don’t think I could handle the work burden. Well I think I could, but maybe by that I need to forget being married and to remember that have a family. Haha

I think being a medical MO is not easy. Sometimes when you admit a certain patient because you suspect that he/she could have sometime “more”, in the end your colleague or bosses might just smirk that you admit a case that need not admission, filling up the already full wards.


I was stuck in the same ward from start until the end of posting. I thought it will boring, but then the works are never the same everyday, and never finished.

I was planing to start my end of posting holidays on Tuesday however my newly elected ward captain said it was impossible because there are a serious shortage of houseman until next next week.

Oh my.

I don’t want to get screamed by my specialist again. Haish.

But then, I don’t have much plan for my EOP holidays. Now I got two unused holiday.

Oh wait! I may already made a certain somebody mad. So I need to use my holiday to make up for that 😛

Please pray for me that everything will going on well.



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  1. Tak update blog kewwww

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