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I have mix feeling with my work.

For some reason, I felt quite empty and lost. I am definitely not enjoying the shaky journey that I have to take to get inside and outside the Orang Asli settlement.

I think maybe I do miss to see patient in proper way. In an air-conditioned office, asking what are their problems, trying to formulate differential diagnosis after listening to them, doing proper examinations and ordering investigation. My brain at times feel heavy like it has been used at its full capacity but by the end of the day I feel satisfied.

For now, most of my work is just giving a combo of paracetamol, chlorpheniramine and ORS to those who register for the mobile clinic. For them to keep just in case they got ill.

Not that I dislike it but yes I think I should be glad that at least they are not in the life threatening situation lols.

When my staff asking about my opinion about what did i feel about my latest position, I have no definite answer.

Sometimes I feel like they (the PKD) throw me into this department to rot. Hahahaha

Nevermind. I should enjoy this position by looking the positives part.


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Random throwback

During my medical student years, i followed a travel blog that belonged to a medical student studying in Ireland. Because I planned to travel. It was so interesting reading his blog post.

I finally went for Euro trip (read: amsterdam, brussels, paris, geneve) on 2008.

Years later after I graduated I no longer stalk his blog.

Funny thing though when I was tagging in the last posting at Emergency Department, my friend told me that one of the MO is the owner of the travel blog. My friend and I tried to escape tagging but we were being busted. My friend thought he was a sporting person. Well maybe a doctor’s busy job does change a person hahahaha

I was like really??? But back then he has gained so much weight luls.

Anyhow, recently that MO doing throwback of his trip at his FB. He mentioned about his trip in France at 2003. How not many France people know English language. That he tried to study the language in two weeks.

My exprience in 2008 was otherwise. I think most people that I asked for help/ direction can speak English. Well I did study the roads and maps. I downloaded offline Google map into my Iphone and navigate using the GPS. So I dont really made much human interaction lols. I studied my trip more than studying for my exams till I have failed one of my subjects haha!!

Anyhow I still remember we went to Bourg St Maurice for skiing. I tried to book our accomodation via online but failed to find one that doesnt use credit card. So I planned to walk-in.

So we went to the tourism office asking for place of accomodation however we were shocked to know that the accomodation at the mountain and the surrounding area was fully booked.

I asked for options then she suggested that after we went down, we need to take a train to a nearby town and checked in at the hotel. We agreed and she helped us by calling the hotel for booking. She also wrote the price, the hotel name and the phone number.

It was such a eventful journey because we arrived at the hotel at 8pm. The worked cant speak English yet we just showed the paper and paid the money. The hotel looks old yet are so glad that we have a place to stay. Suddenly i remembered about my friend’s story who said that he need to share toilets with the homeless during his trip because they want to save money on accomodation.

Anyhow I was so glad that the price was as dealt with the tourism office.

Such an experience….


Saje save tips luls

Rahsia Burger Sedap.

*Dari penulis asal Adie Redzuan.

1. Wajib guna daging 70g.. xyah la dok save sgt nk pi haji blk hari.. tak untung mana pn.. meniaga kena jujur.. harga nk letak mahai, daging hok nipih.. apa dia..

2. Masak daging, jgn tekan.. bila tekan, jus daging akan kluar.. pasai tu daging jadi kering.. alih2 kan saja.. boh planta sikit.. sikit ja.. jgn sampai banjir.. dlm daging tu sendiri dh ada minyak..

3. Daging tu lubang2kan saja.. tak belah tengah pn xpa.. pastu letak la seasoning.. aku suka lea and peirin.. btui ka dak eja.. maggi pn ok.. letak la lada skit.. terangkat la..

4. Ayaq bawang putih.. ayaq ni utk menggantikan jus daging yg hilang.. so daging akan jadi juicy.. curah skit masa daging dh masak.. nk buat dia, potong bawang putih, boh dlm ayaq kosong ja.. boh dlm botoi, tudung botoi buat lubang2 skit..

5. Guna api sederhana.. api yg kuat juga akan keringkan daging..

6. Roti tu boh la planta bagi penuh.. xyah dok sep sgt.. roti letak ja atas kuali.. jgn tekan.. geng lama2 pakai kayu.. utk pressure roti saja.. bukan meleperkan roti.. lagi cantik gitu..

7. Sayur tu ikut hgpa la.. slalu org pakai kobis la kan.. tapi masa aku niaga, aku pakai lettuce iceburg.. lebih sedap.. tapi kot payah nk dpt hari2 la.. pastu mahai sikiiiiiitttt..

8. Sos jgn pakai yg murah.. kebanyakan peniaga burger di kl yg top2 tu pakai longson.. payah nk jumpa kot no.. klu kt perlis ni, peniaga kebab yg byk pakai longson.. pasai tu kebab depa sedap..

9. Mayo plak paling best pakai nelly.. mahaiiii.. tapi sapu sikit ja.. jgn creettt lagu ladys choice tu.. sikit pn dh berasa x sangga..

10. Utk cheese, aku pakai smoke bbq.. apa2 brand pn xpa.. rona dia oren.. mahai skit, tapi mmg berasa cheese dia.. penah dak hgpa beli cheese burger, tapi tak rasa pn cheese dia.. pasai cheese murah..

11. Blackpaper sos.. klu ble masak la sendiri.. jgn dok harap hok siap dh ja.. tak brapa syahdu hok tu.. mudah ja.. masak butter dgn tepung gandum.. sampai naik bau sedap.. boh la oyster, lada hitam kasaq, kicap cayaq, chicken stock, garam.. otter la gena pn sampai sedap di mulut.. celup daging dlm kuah blackpepper.. apa nk kata..

12. Last skali aturan bubuh sayur, sos, mayo.. yg ni kajian sendiri la.. sos dgn mayo klu ble asingkan.. mayo bawah, sos atas.. bila makan, baru terasa dua2 rasa yg beza.. klu cheese tu, letak atas daging yg panas.. bagi dia cayaq melekat kt daging..

Senang cerita, hgpa buat burger, hgpa try makan.. kita juai mcm mana kita suka makan.. baru org lain pn suka.. jgn kedekut bahan.. buat bagi sedap.. untung by volume.. baru ble kekal lama meniaga..



As usual, it has been quite sometimes since the last time I wrote here. I’ve been reading less English book, only reading selected medical text while studying about a disease and Facebook postings. So please bear with my grammar andย  haphazard style of writing. Haha!

Anyways June is my birthday month. It used to be a happy month for me but nowadays I felt so gloom. Maybe because I used to expect gifts from my parent but since I’ve been working, earning money and married, of course you will not get one (other than my spouse ๐Ÿ˜€.

Maybe it is the age. I mean yes we should be grateful with each passing birthday (for completing a year) but then, it just meant we are nearing to death. After all, as days by days goes, I am not expecting anything because

“great things will happen if you have less expectation”- Phil-o-sophy, Modern Family

Pessimist much?

It felt quite so gloom living a life without target. I mean yes my target is to live easy and happy but then it just so general.

I felt so comfortable with my current life. I don’t think I am going to specialized in the nearest future but then my bosses have been asking what I am going to do. One was keep pestering me to go to a Family Medicine Conference. I’d love to go but then I have to fork out RM 350 for 3 days course or RM 100 for one day course so I was like errr… better use that money to go to Cameron Highlands haha! My boss said can ask from the department but I think it is so unlikely for me to get sponsored.

I also thought that money is better use for those who is already in the master program.

Speaking about money, my salary is just enough paying for bills and credit cards. Even I have outstanding credit card balance. Barely enough for saving. I need to prepare for my pension now.

On the other notes, I have been watching a Korean Drama “Hwarang” with my wife. But I don’t really watch all the of them, just bits by bits and my wife will tell me the story.

Anyhow watching these Korean Drama just making me missed my studying days. At that time, my biggest concern was to get graduated. I missed staying at home laying down doing nothing for a day, finishing the Korean Drama series by series luls.

Ayam Panggang ala-ala Kenny Rogers


Ayam Panggang ala-ala Kenny Rogers
2 biji bawang merah
3 ulas bawang putih
3-4 cm halia
1 kiub pati ayam
1 sudu besar serbuk lada hitam
2 sudu besar sos lada hitam
3/4 sudu besar garam
1 sudu besar gula
1 sudu besar madu
4 sudu minyak zaitun
2 sudu air

Blend kesemua bahan di atas.

Kemudian tambah 1 sudu mixed herbs ke atas ayam (1/2 ekor). Lumur perap tadi bersama ubi kentang. Bakar pada suhu 180c selama 1 jam.

Selamat mencuba!

kredit rasapop



Was watching a Korean series titled “Operation Proposal”. In short, about a man who goes back to the past to confess to his crush who got married to other people in the present.

“Renovatio” was the chant to go back to the past

While watching the series, my wife gave out a question to me.

“If you can go back to relive the past, when will you go?”

Oh my. The question made felt dumbstruck for a while. Three reasons.

  1. Realized it was impossible so I never give it a thought.
  2. Is generally happy with current condition.
  3. Was wondering is this a test question? Is there a wrong and right answers? ๐Ÿ˜‚

After contemplating for a while, I guess I will go back when I was 16year old. A Form four student.

I think I’ll go towards a different career pathway.

Maybe, teaching. Or science computer related.

But then the force is strong towards getting into the teaching profession.

My current job is okay yet I am envious of those teacher who got school holiday.

And relatively less demanding job. Like nobody will sue you if your student failed his/her exams.


This thought sure make one think a lot.